About Us

Trypakistan.pk is owned and operated by Walldorf Group (Pvt.) Ltd. based in Houston, USA it was incorporated in 2009. It is among a very few first companies to make mobile apps and games for global clients and for Facebook. Since then it has made progress by leaps and bounds. Making games and apps for educational and entertainment purpose, Walldorf Group became the sought after service/product provider. During 2015, Walldorf Group added a feather to their crown by entering the e-commerce arena and incorporating TryPakistan.pk


With the proliferation of social media and online shopping, styles and trends now change faster than ever. Customized designs help customers fine-tune their product to stay one step ahead with new trends. That is where Trypakistan.pk comes into the picture. Since our priority list hits the satisfaction of our customers and delivering the best to them according to their wish and will therefore, Trypakistan.pk has come to work out of its comfort zone, where we create, personalize, and distribute 100+ customizable products to fit every budget. Whether you are looking for a t-shirt for your next event or a customized pen and a notebook to hand out at your next conference, or maybe a customized picture frame and a name engraved wallet for your best employees or maybe giveaways for your corporate clients. We can help you find the 360-degree marketing solutions to meet your needs within your budget with the fastest processing time including quality customizations and HD printing. You name it and we can provide the kind of customization necessary to fit your need.

Due to our global expansion efforts and our desire to offer the best to our clients, our sister concern TryPakistan.com offers leather products to our international clientele. Fully customizable, there are 200+ leather products currently listed on the website. From leather handbags to leather jackets, from leather wallets to leather backpacks, from leather office bags to children leather jackets, all the products are made of 100 % genuine leather and can be fully customized to any requirement. Available exclusively for our foreign clients in US, UK, Canada, India and Dubai our products can be ordered online and shall be delivered to you at your doorsteps.

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