Pour your heart out to your Grandparents today.

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Your mom’s mom is the most beautiful person you have ever met. And she cooks the most delicious parathas too. At least that is what you have heard she once did. Now you have this desire to show your appreciation for what your nani has contributed to your person. So here is your chance. This grandparent’s day you can tell your nani, nana, dadi and dada all you want.



Grandparents are life’s oldest keys. I say oldest because they tell you of the oldest times, of days bygone and of things that once were. These oldest keys of life are the most crucial elements when it comes to developing a vision about life. Since the more you know about your past, the more aware you are of your present. Therefore, they deserve the appreciation from their grandkids. They deserve to be shown the love.

But wait what will you do to show them you care? You could try one of these:

  1. Make a collage:


Take some awesome pictures of your grandparents and make a beautiful collage of those pictures. Choose pictures that have you and your grandparents together so that it will be a memory they will cherish. You could frame your collage or make a wall-hanging.

  1. A DIY:

It could be a mug or a mason jar or even a plate. You could write your message with your grandparent’s favorite colors and give it to them. You could design the DIY using your hands or fingers. That would immortalize you on the DIY. For them it will be very close to their heart.

  1. A customized gift:


Give your grandparent a customized yet sophisticated mug or cushion they can practically use with a love message. “The Greatest Nani” or “The Sweetest Dada” are messages that they will be happy to show off even to their peers. Other customized gifts could be photos of all grand kids on candles or a tile which would remind them of the bundle of joy they have.

  1. Cook your grandparents their favorite meal:


Make it a three course meal. Create an environment in your house that mimics that of a hotel and recruit all grandkids as servers and chef helps. Serve your grandparents a 3 course meal in style. See the smiles that will spread.

  1. Spend quality time with your grandparent:

While all the gifts in the world would make them happy and make great memories, the time you spend with them will be the greatest memory to them. They will love you for the moments that you give them.



Days like these are meant to foster a closer bond between people. Grandparents don’t ask for much. All they require is time and care and that bundled with some gift that shows you have taken time out for them. So without much further ado, better get going.

Happy Grandparents Day!

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