7 Valuable Auto Parts Found Useless But Are Actually Not!

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Most of the vehicles on our property are worn-out vehicles, almost half of our population owns a 22 years old Suzuki FX which has now become part of their junkyard. Although part of the car is damaged, the rest of machinery on it may still be in perfectly good condition. Many of the used parts are still worthy and can be reused or sold. Below is a list of standard auto parts on old cars that are still valuable. You can even contact us if you have any enquiries about a specific vehicle’s auto parts.

1. Bumpers

Bumpers are among the most vulnerable used auto parts of a car to keep in perfect shape. They can either make your car look fancy or crappy. Bumpers are made from a combination of plastic, steel, fiberglass, and aluminum. This combination of materials makes them a much needed after used product.

2. Air Bags

You can surely make some money off your unused airbag if you really have consumed your car except that the airbags remain intact. Majority of the people consider buying unused airbags as they are already in good shape for the sake of saving few bucks.

3. Fenders

Fenders play a major role in your car. They act like protective shields for the wheels and front and rear areas. They are made up of the toughest metals, which make them a highly beneficial and much sought product.

4. GPS System

GPS system falls in the category of electronics and computer based devices in cars. A great deal of money can be accomplished because it is one of the most worthy items. Electronic stores and manufacturers are always in hunt for buying GPS systems.

5. Doors

Many people will take a car door apart and sell it separately. It can definitely be valuable in the used market if the door is not broken or damaged and all parts function, as they should. Hence the whole unit is constructive.

6. Catalytic Converters

Who could have imagined that even catalytic converters can be a valuable source? There are two main reasons behind it. Firstly they need to be replaced immediately as they can fall out from under the vehicle. Second, they are made of costly metals such as platinum and rhodium.

7. Tires & Rims

For a sports car lover or auto parts mechanic, lets say that the filthy old tires and rims are of great interest to them. It is particularly true if your car has got aluminum wheels. These are the most wanted items for all car junkies.

So now that you are aware of the auto parts of your old car holds great worth, act smart and get ready to make some cash out of it!

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